Recalls and Results

We utilise a recall and reminder system to ensure you get the best follow up care and to ensure important tests and investigations are done on time.

We will ask for your consent upon registration for us to contact you via SMS message or Telephone call or in writing to your registered address, for the purposes of following up abnormal test results or for recalls and reminders to have more investigations.

An example of this will be that we will use the recall system to remind a patient that their annual blood tests or mammogram or colonoscopy are now due. The patient receives a notification via SMS or via email to inform them what is due and inviting them to make an appointment with the GP or nurse to get the necessary pathology or specialist referral.

The patient then contacts the practice or books using our online booking system.

We do NOT routinely call or recall patients for normal test results. Our doctor assesses all the incoming results and correspondence, and if there is a discussion or further action that is needed, the patient will be recalled as above.

We ask all patients to call us/contact us via email 7 working days after their test to ensure we have received the result and the doctor has reviewed it.

Patients are welcome to call our friendly reception team to check their results have arrived as sometimes results are lost or imaging reports not received back.

If you would like to discuss your results with the doctor this will require an appointment.